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Waiting for my 2nd baby to arrive

on Wednesday, 22nd October 2014 - 0:07
Kiran is now nearing 4 years of age and what better gift than to give him a Malli (little brother) of his very own! I'm due in a few short weeks and time really is flying by. I am both anticipating anxiously the labor and delivery and at the same time dreading the change in lifestyle it will bring. On the one hand I can't wait to see my precious little cargo. On the other hand, I know that it will bring immense changes to all of our lives. I can't wait to be liberated of a pregnant belly. I keep telling myself how much I want to see his little face and hands. I wonder if he will have a full head of hair and whether he will inherit any traits from his father. Will he look more like me or Steph? Will he be small or big like his brother? What will his personality be like? How will Kiran react and respond? How about Maya? Most of all, will he come early or will he come late? Will the hump of labor and delivery be relatively smooth and quick or will it be long and arduous? I want to have the little one in my arms and know that he is happy content and well. I really am so excited to have an addition to the family. Steph and I have pretty much settled on a name as well - and the only way to know if it fits is if he decides to come out!