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Recipes - Recipe Module

on Tuesday, 10th April 2012 - 21:57

I'm in the process of transferring over my recipes from 'blog' content in The Cookbook to the format provided by the Recipe Module.  This module utilizes the Module which I already had running on my site.  [Looking up the url of one of my recipes on Google's Rich Snippet testing tool or in Google Recipes - will show you what data is machine readable.]

My biggest qualm with the recipe module?  Out of the box the output looks like someone threw up on my site.  I ended up copying and pasting the recipe.css content to my custom.css file in my theme layer and edited the page using firebug/firefox to get the layout to my satisfaction.  The image is actually a configured image added as a field - so I used my already established method of creating 'round images' to give the image round edges for a smoother look.   

The default picture for recipes was found on Stock.xchng and is 'forklove' by stuntcrazy.  

Example recipe - Lemon Coconut Squares