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Feel like someone spat in my hot chocolate...

on Tuesday, 28th August 2012 - 10:59

This morning, for the first time in I don't know how long - my husband and I dropped our son off at the daycare and decided to have a breakfast 'date'.  We decided there were three places we could potentially go.  Ball Square is known for two famously competing breakfast places: Sound Bites and the Ball Square Café.  Normally we go to the former but decided to try out the latter for a change.  Neither place was busy.  I liked the ambiance and the fact that Ball Square Café is smaller and more quaint.  The server was wonderful.  But then he served me my hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Some background: Being a mom who is constantly on the run and go, I am not a coffee drinker and so hot chocolate is essentially my thing.  I was intrigued by the "Homemade Hot Chocolate".  The server asked whether I would like some "Whipped Cream" on my hot chocolate.  This is essentially a treat for me.. and so I said YES. 

I should also note, that having recently found myself to be pre-diabetic... I tend to choose my sweets wisely.  I avoid them for the most part.  Whipped Cream is usually just that, whipped cream.  Sometimes people may add a bit of icing sugar or vanilla to aid in the flavor and consistency but essentially, cream on its own is probably about 0.2% sugar.  Whipped topping (taking Kraft for my reference, is about 1% sugar). 

The cream that came on top of this hot chocolate this day, was a bit heavier than usual.  It was very thick and had a very creamy texture.  Think of really thick cold cream.  It tasted sweet.  We had to ask the server - what is this cream that is so thick and how did they make it like this?

Unfortunately, the answer was not good.  He also had thought it was whipped cream - but it turned out that it was a non-dairy whipped topping made of an ingredient commonly used for making whipped cake icing.  We're talking Creme Unlimited's Super50.  This product is not available to your average consumer.  So I did a bit of research online, and called their 1-800-227-3637 number and spoke with their really nice receptionist to find out - what exactly have I been eating?

We're talking, water, partialyl hydrogenated palm kernel oil, high glucose fructose syrup, poly sorbate lecitein, soy lecitin... and any number of other chemicals.  THIS IS WHAT I SPEND MY TIME AVOIDING EATNG.  Can we spell - empty calories?  Can we say... I'm not lactose intolerant, I'm not avoiding cream.. I asked for whipped cream.  What is this #*@# doing on my hot chocolate?

I pushed the crap off the cup and lost my appetite.

NEWS FLASH restauranteurs and the like: WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO FEED US CRAP???

This was my Gordon Ramsey moment.  I don't think I'm going to eat out again for a long while.

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